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Effectively utilizing large-scale and long-term enterprise data requires comprehensive data strategy and infrastructure that empower engineers to join the data science community. Read about how Datatron's platform has benefited our current clients.

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Case Studios

Finance Finance


Datatron’s standardized machine-learning platform can help market watchers process investing data and complex streaming data, such as social media inputs and live market data, to meaningfully improve market movement predictions.

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Retail Retail


Good machine learning is the engine that drives an enterprise’s ability to process data signals, test hunches, and adapt pricing to consumers’ preferences and expectations in real-time.

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Logistics Logistics


Effectively predict demand by using machine learning to digest and utilize historical data in real-time while fluctuating the variables you know affect demand for your product.

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Telecomunication Telecomunication


Get a global view of the active state of models for predictive analysis, data-driven product development, and to identify the root causes of complications.

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